Monday, November 27, 2006


Had a party last Saturday, sooo much fun! First went to a friend, didn't knew the other persons there, now I do! Met new people, talked to intresting persons and drank a lot, the way it should always be! Then went to the real party. On my bike. I was tipsy. Still don't now how I made it there! Danced, drank even more, smoked some cigarettes, flirted... Flirted, flirted, flirted! There was one guy, let's call him Jordan (so not Mr J.!)... He's a sort of friend, actually he works for my father... OMG why did I kiss him?! He works for my father! Damn... What was I thinking? Not much, too boozed... Still this isn't the funniest part of my post today: he kissed like 3 other girls that night as well!!! Not that I care... No really, I don't. It is just that I usually use boys, then often make use of me. But he did, he did make use of me! Nerd... He just has to fix it! Maybe if he kisses me again... (He was a very good kisserrr!)



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