Monday, November 20, 2006

Mr J

My father thinks I have a boyfriend... I have been dating someone for two weeks now, but he is so not my bf! He wants to be my boyfriend, I just don't want to be his girlfriend. He is sweet and good-looking and he is trying so god damn hard -that's why I still think it's sad to turn him down- but I am just not in love with him... Why can't I just be in love with him? It would make things so much easier (not really... he also kissed two of my best friends!) but I can't make myself love him. Which means I have to dump him - in a nice and gentle way of course-. Yes, it's the best way to just dump him. He's in love with me, I'm not in love with him, too bad. I'm not willing to give up my single life for a person I don't even love. I am so not willing to give up my single life! I love to be single! Being able to dance with handsome guys, being able to kiss with handsome guys, being able to fuck with handsome guys... Yes, I love to be single. Besides, being in a relationship takes so much of your time...



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